Tina Intarapanont


Filipino Students Celebrate Culture Through Dance

I was nominated for a Student Production Award from the Upper Midwest Emmy Foundation in the General Assignment: Light News category. This news package features students from Drake University’s International Students Association as they rehearse a Filipino folk dance called tinikling, which they performed at Drake’s International Night. I wrote, shot and produced everything on my own.

Short Film: Back in Disciplinary Action

I was director of photography for the finale of a series a filmmaker friend of mine created in high school. In this silly yet heartfelt film, recent college graduate Ethan Soo reunites with his former teacher and partner in crime, Jason Mormolstein, to create one last film before he leaves for Stockholm.

Drake University Underground Tunnel Tour

I edited this video for my Video Production class in the spring of 2019. The video follows the host Bailey Coronis as he explores the underground tunnels of Drake University that the food service workers use to travel between places on campus.

Coming Together 2018: MSA Feature

Every year, my hometown community hosts an event called Coming Together, where a culture is chosen to celebrate throughout the year. Previous cultures that have been featured include Greek culture, Chinese culture, and Assyrian culture. In 2018, my community chose to highlight Muslim-American culture.

I created a video to be showcased at the opening ceremony of Coming Together. I interviewed Muslim-American students in my high school that had non-traditional passions and asked how their Muslim identity influenced them.

Short Film: Comical Love

The premise of this silent comedy follows a boy with a love for comic books as he tries to impress a girl who has a taste for more intellectual literature.

This short film was my submission to my high school’s first annual film festival. I wrote, directed, and edited this alongside my friend, who also stars in it. It won first place out of four other competitors.